Feature Glossary

Accessory handset only requires the base unit to operate; no phone jack required

Tired of carrying the cordless phone from room to room, or trying to remember where you left it? Add accessory handsets to your expandable system since accessory handsets work off the signal from the base you can add handsets throughout your house, even in rooms where there are no phone jacks.

Base keypad and speakerphone

Make calls directly from the base unit, providing the convenience of an extra phone.

Bluetooth connectivity

This model can call and receive both cellular or landline calls by connect to a cell phone via Bluetooth technology. Now you can enjoy the comfort of using a home phone system to catch all your calls, from cellular or landline.

Caller ID/Call waiting 1

The caller's name and/or number can be shown on your phone to inform you about the caller's identity. If there is a second call coming in while you are talking on the phone, the second caller's name and/or number can be shown on the phone. So you can decide whether to pick up the second call or stay with the first call.

1 Caller ID service requires a subscription from your local telephone company. Both you and your caller's telephone companies are using the equipment that is compatible with Caller ID service.

Chinese and English menu

Our models functions are menu driven, and models with Chinese and English menu allow you to choose between Chinese or English for the menu directions.

Connects to Bluetooth - cell phones

Make and receive cellular calls with the ease and comfort of a home phone system -- avoid the mad dash to catch a cell call before it goes to voicemail.

DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone

The sound quality on our DECT models is superior to existing 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz models for the DECT frequency band has zero interference with WiFi. Therefore it enables the users to talk anywhere in their home or office without interference from a wireless network. This proven and reliable technology has been in use for a number of years in Europe and has proven to provide brilliant quality of voice and sound, high protection against eavesdropping and better range than 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz phone systems.

Dual Antenna design

The Dual Antenna system is especially effective for cordless phones operating in indoor environments where the signals from the handset to the base are rarely transmitted directly, but mostly on reflections. Each reflection may reduce range. The Dual antenna system minimises this issue by selecting the best signal, reducing the effects of dead spots, maximum range and reception.

ECO Mode

Depending on the level of the ECO Mode, this feature works on minimise the radio frequency power. In talking mode, the handset automatically adjusts and minimizes its radio frequency power according to the distance between the handset and the base unit. When in charging position, the handset's radio frequency power is reduced by 99.9%.

Expandable system using only one phone jack

This expandable system offers the convenience of having one base station that uses one phone jack and allows you to add handsets. Each handset added simply needs an electrical outlet to plug into. You can transfer call and use the intercom function between phones to aid communications.

Full color LCD in handset

Large lighted handset display with graphics allows for easy navigation of phone's features using the icon driven menu.

Handset and base speakerphones

With just the touch of a button, hands-free conversations are made easy with the base and handset speakerphones.

Hearing aid compatible

Hearing aid compatible phones have a reduced noise and interference when used with most T-coil equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Multiple handset system

Multiple handset systems provide the convenience of operating five handsets using only one phone jack and one base station. An additional handsets simply need an electrical outlet to plug into. These systems also allow you to transfer calls, conference an outside call or use the intercom feature between handsets.

Polyphonic musical ring tones

Personalize your phone by choosing from superior-sounding ring tones preset into the phone.

PxAUDIO Natural Voice Clarity

PxAUDIO is a sound refinement technology; it enhances acoustic clarity, delivers voice with greater details. A built-in sound chamber in handset could further optimise the effect, bringing more comfortable and natural telecom experience.


PxBOOSTER amplified sound frequencies and enhances clarity, making incoming speech louder, clearer and easier to understand. It ensures effective communications in noisy environments, and improves overall audibility for people who experience difficulty in hearing high frequencies, the most common type of age-related hearing loss.

Slim curved design

The curve of the handset fits easily in your fingers while the sleek base fits perfectly in any rooms.

Touch Sensitive Operation

No buttons, no moving parts.

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